First Comes Love, then Comes Hair Cuttery…

Ten months after Ann Ratner landed in Washington DC, she fell in love with a very cute boy (and hair dresser) named Dennis Ratner, who she eventually married. When their individual salon gigs proved unfulfilling, Ann and Dennis put their heads together and came up with a disruptive concept that would change the hair industry forever – a unisex salon for the entire family. In a few short years Hair Cuttery was a success and they started a family. Ann’s life was very good — until it wasn’t.

 With a Name Like Bubbles You Gotta Be Tough

How a regular girl from Manchester forged a hair care dynasty

A native of Manchester, UK, Ann Ratner arrived in Washington DC in 1967 and quickly made her mark in the hair salon world. By 1972 she and ex-husband Dennis Ratner co-founded the value salon chain Hair Cuttery. After their marriage ended, under tremendous emotional pressure and with two small children, Ann took a leap of faith and opened the type of salon she always imagined – Bubbles Salons.

This is the story of her incredible journey as an immigrant, hair stylist, divorced single mom and serial entrepreneur who followed her instincts and never confronted a challenge she didn’t like.