Go Big or Go Home

It’s really this easy to create sky high volume that lasts all day – and night. The secret? Alcohol-free mousse. Luckily Cibu has two options guaranteed to max out your volume blowout.

Step 1: Apply Cibu High Top Root Booster to damp hair at roots, all over head. Use fingers to massage into scalp
Step 2: Work a golf ball size serving of Cibu Shang High Volumizing Mousse through damp hair – mid-shaft to ends
Step 3: Blow dry with round brush
Step 4: Emulsify 1-2 drops of Cibu Shine Squad Argan Oil in palm. Work through dry hair mid-shaft to ends to separate layers, reduce frizz and fly aways and add shine
Step 5: Spray finished look with a generous serving of Cibu Finista Flexible Finishing Spray
Cibu Volume Blowout Essentials: Cibu Shang High Mousse, Cibu High Top Root Booster, Medium Round Brush, Cibu Finista Flexible Finishing Spray

Cibu Volume Blowout Essentials

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