Let’s Talk About Color!


The best way to shine during the holiday season is a color service from L’Oreal Professionnel or Pravana! Customizing color as unique as you is what we do best at Bubbles.  However, some may be scared to take the leap into pink or purple hair.  Luckily, with the numerous shades and non-permanent options, you can take the plunge without looking back.

Semi Permanent Color Services:

The first time trying out a new hair color can be scary. We recommend taking baby steps with semi-permanent color.  This non commitment service allows you to explore new shades without the obligation.  Color hangs on the outside of the hair shaft making it easy to remove if need be.  Depending on how often you wash your hair, semi-permanent color can last around 4-6 weeks.  Keep in mind that because this isn’t permanent, you will wash out the vibrancy with the color.  This services are best for those who want a subtle change.

Permanent Color Services:

Now if you’re a seasoned veteran to having your hair colored or know what you want, permanent hair color is your go-to.  It is deposited into the hair shaft instead of on the outside, creating longevity of the shade. This service is for those who want to want something more visible, a total transformation or need gray coverage.

Demi-Permanent/Glossing Color Services:

Demi-permanent hair color, also known as glossing, is your hair’s partner in shine. It can be used to enhance your color, add vibrancy or even tone. You don’t have to color your hair to enjoy the shine of the demi.  It can be used to enhance your natural locks as well! This service is also great for those in between color visits.  Like semi, demi-permanent hangs on the outside of the hair shaft and washes out after a few weeks.

Whatever your style, Bubbles has you covered.  Our stylists can create some of the most vibrant colors or enhance a more natural shade.  Book your appointment today!