Kick Brass in the…

Anyone with light or highlighted hair knows that brass is a pain in the ass. Outside of bi-monthly color touch ups, what’s a cashed-strapped salon blonde to do? Turns out, there’s a surprisingly simple and cost effective solution to revitalize brassy hair – purple shampoo.

Bubbles’ exclusive hair care line Cibu just launched Platinum, a purple shampoo so pigmented it looks like paint in your hand. Apparently this is a good thing because Cibu Platinum is already flying off the shelves.

Purple Shampoo | Image of Cibu Platinum Shampoo with short hair blonde model

Cibu Platinum is available exclusively at Bubbles

Your Definitive Purple Shampoo Primer

Now we love and trust the Cibu team but TBH – Platinum is scary purple! So we went straight to the source and asked the Team Cibu educator experts to clear up our SO MANY questions.

Purple Shampoo | Image of Cibu Platinum Shampoo spilling out of bottle

Cibu Platinum is super pigmented

Q: WHAT THE HECK is purple shampoo?

A: Purple shampoo is a pigmented shampoo formulated to brighten yellow undertones. Basically – it’s a toner. You’ll want to look for a purple shampoo with dense pigmentation. An awesome purple shampoo should appear almost like paint in your hand – which is we love Cibu Platinum.

Q: How does purple shampoo work, tho?

A: Because purple and yellow are at opposite ends of the color wheel they cancel one another out. The pigment in purple shampoo cools down the warm tones of yellow, resulting in brighter, icier hair color.

Purple Shampoo | Image of the color wheel pointing to purple and yellow at opposite ends

Color 101: Purple pigment cools yellow undertones

Q: What hair colors benefit from purple shampoo?

A: Purple shampoo is made to brighten light colored hair – think blonde, platinum, silver, ashy blonde (very light brown), grey, white or cooler shades of pastels.

Purple Shampoo | Before and after image of blonde model shampooed with Cibu Platinum

Cibu Platinum kicks brass!

Q: What if I have brown hair with highlights?

A: If your hair is dark with lighter highlights or ombre or balayage tips, use purple shampoo on the lighter portions of your hair that are prone to brassiness. Stick to your regular shampoo on top and to cleanse the scalp.

Q: Does purple shampoo actually clean hair?

A: Kinda, but it’s mostly a toner. Bubbles Towson Salon Pro and Team Cibu educator Megan Clifford recommends cleansing hair first with whatever shampoo works best for your hair texture, then using Platinum for its toning benefits. Follow with a light conditioner.

Q: How long do I leave purple shampoo on my hair?

A: This was a hot topic with a range of answers depending on your desired results. Megan likes to leave Platinum in the hair for 3-5 minutes. To achieve a super icy, silvery finish, Bubbles Pentagon City and Team Cibu educator Jhoselin Uzeda leaves Platinum on the hair for up to 15 minutes.

Team Cibu educator Megan working that pigment

Q: How often do I use purple shampoo?

A: Megan tells her guests to start using a purple shampoo once a week in order to assess the results. If you feel like your hair is still brassy, use it every other shampoo until you reach the desired result. Both Megan and Jhoselin caution against using purple shampoo every day unless you want purple hair (hey – some people do!).

Q: Can I use purple shampoo if my hair is curly?

A: Good question! Most purple shampoos on the market are full of moisture stripping sulfates but Cibu Platinum is sulfate free and formulated with nourishing argan oil, making it less likely to dehydrate curly hair. Because moisture is so important to the health of curls, we recommend using Platinum once a week to brighten and following with deep conditioning treatment to re-hydrate curls.

Purple Shampoo | Image of curly hair client holding Cibu Platinum Shampoo

Curls love it! Image: @jbeauty.xo

Q: Any purple shampoo hot tips to share?

A: To maintain her Miranda Priestly style ice queen bob (which is FIRE btw), Bubbles and Cibu founder Ann Ratner dilutes Cibu Platinum with her regular shampoo to cut down on pigment and avoid any hint of blue.

Purple Shampoo | Image of Cibu Platinum Shampoo with long hair blonde model

Ice Ice Baby

Purple Perfection

There you have it! The skinny on purple shampoo. Many thanks to our Team Cibu contributors Shay, Megan and Jhoselin for their insight. Cibu Platinum Shampoo retails for $20 for 13.5 oz. and is available exclusively in Bubbles Hair Salons and online at cibuforhair.com.