That Time We Made a Haircare Line

Cibu may be the best hair product line you’ve never heard of — until now. Bubbles’ exclusive hair care brand has generated over $20M in sales since it’s launch in 2003. So if you never heard of Cibu, how could Cibu hair products be so popular? Because Cibu actually works. For the past 15 years, we’ve developed Cibu in our salons, with our actual clients to address the very hair concerns you Google every day.

To illustrate our point, we compiled a list of the Top 5 hair product related Google searches of 2017 (the very search that brought you to this post, perhaps?) and the Cibu answer to each.

Best Cibu Hair Products by Google Search

Google Hair Search Query #1: Best Curl Hair Products 2017

Cibu Hair Products Solve Top Hair Concerns | Image of curly haired model with bottle of Cibu Spring Roll

Cibu Spring Roll is a curl’s best friend

All eyes were on curls in 2017! In fact, the top 10 hair related Google search queries were about curl care. Cibu answers with best selling Spring Roll Curl Shaping Cream. Originally launched in 2009, Cibu Spring Roll is a medium hold curl cream formulated with moisture locking kukui nut, aloe and shea butter. Spring Roll devotees rave about it’s soft feel in hair and ability to bring out the best of their curls’ natural shape.

Spring Roll Curl Shaping Cream is one of the only products I will use in my hair as it really just helps curls come together and doesn’t leave them with any feel of product. Just soft. No extra weight or stiffness.” Patricia; Philadelphia, PA

Google Hair Search Query #2: Best Smelling Hair Products

Cibu Hair Products Solve Top Hair Concerns | Image of 4 Cibu products that smell great: Finista, Spring Roll, 3 in 1, Repair

Stop and smell the Cibu

If we had a dollar for every time someone tells us “Cibu smells amazing!”… well, I guess that explains it. Some of the best smelling Cibu hair products, according to our client reviews:

“I have been using the Spring Roll Curl Shaping Cream for several years … and the smell is wonderful!” Curlygirl, Virginia

“I love the way Finista Workable Finishing Spray smells and it holds my curl while keeping them soft.” Kelly; Lockport, IL

Cibu REPAIR Shampoo and Conditioner smells fabulous and really works great!!!” Ivy; Waldorf, MD

“I love the clean, masculine, mint smell…of Cibu 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash” Christopher; Parkville, MD

Google Hair Search Query #3: Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

Cibu Hair Products Solve Top Hair Concerns | Image of model with oily hair with bottle of Ka Pow

Ka-Pow Dry Shampoo is like, grease lightening

Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo absorbs oil and it doesn’t stop there – Ka Pow also corrects product overload, adds volume and extends the life of your blowout. What’s not to love?

Cibu Ka Pow Dry Shampoo is great for cleaning hair without taking a shower and it does not leave hair greasy like other products. Would recommend!” Moon; Fairfax, VA

Google Hair Search Query #4: Best Hair Products for Dry, Damaged Hair

Cibu Hair Products Solve Top Hair Concerns | Image of model with damaged hair with bottle of Cibu Shine Squad Argan Oil

Dry and damaged? Cibu Shine Squad assemble!

There isn’t just one Cibu solution for nourishing dry, damaged hair – Cibu Shine Squad is made up of three Cibu hair products formulated with antioxidant rich argan oil to hydrate, strengthen and enhance shine in all hair types. Cibu Shine Squad Mist is ideal for blonde and fine hair, Cibu Shine Squad Oil is perfect for all hair types (and multi-functional) and Cibu Shine Squad Gloss Drops provide unmatched heat protection, perfect for medium – very coarse hair.

“I got Cibu Shine Squad Oil and I love it. It smells amazing and leaves my hair soft, strong and frizz-less. Works great at moisturizing elbows too.” Astra, Vero Beach

Google Hair Search Query #5: Best Male Hair Products

Cibu Hair Products Solve Top Hair Concerns | Image of man with textured hair with tub of Sticky Rice pomade

Cibu Sticky Rice: Dude Approved | Image by @hairstylistcandy

Last but not least – the holy grail of Cibu hair products – Cibu Sticky Rice Pomade. Sticky Rice Pomade is the best selling Cibu hair product ever. Why? Men love everything about it – the gender neutral packaging, the warm, spicy fragrance, the matte finish and it’s unmatched ease of use. Simply emulsify Sticky Rice pomade palms, work through hair, rough it up and go. Best part? It’s not just for men – woman love Sticky Rice Pomade for adding texture to pixie cuts, layers and bobs.

“Seriously, how did I just find this product! I have short, piecy, thick hair.. Pixie cut, yet asymmetrical.. I have tried everything! Cibu Sticky Rice Pomade is wonderful.. Only need a drop.. Such lift -texture.. I’m in love. Definitely try this.. Not greasy, or heavy or dulling either. Perfection in a jar!” Michele
High quality pomade. I apply Cibu Sticky Rice Pomade to my hair when thoroughly dry. Hair always looks clean and shiny, never greasy or dull. Hair feels soft, yet holds style very well…all day.” Cyclomojo

Your Google Search Is Over

Luckily, you don’t have to crawl the internet for the solution to your top hair care problems. Cibu is available in every Bubbles Hair Salon location and online at cibuforhair.com