Our top priority is to ensure the health and safety of our guests and salon professionals while providing our guests with our expertise in cut and color:

  • We disinfect our stations with Barbicide® spray after each guest.
  • We wash our hands after each guest.
  • All of our tools of the trade are disinfected with Barbicide®.
  • Our towels and capes are only used once and then washed using laundry soap in warm water and tied with a high heat setting.

Our promise to you is that we will NEVER cut out these steps during your service in one of our salons…NEVER.

Recently, we caught up with Leslie Roste from King Research to discuss the Barbicide® products we use at Hair Cuttery.

Leslie Roste, RN, BSN

Leslie Roste, RN, BSN graduated from the University of Kansas, where she studied Nursing and Microbiology. She has worked in the cosmetology industry for 7 years. She has worked to help states reform rules regarding infection control to improve consumer and licensee safety. She has assisted 30+ states in rulemaking and training of their inspectors. She has worked with NIC to develop a standard language for infection control rules, allowing states to update rules with current, proper scientific guidelines. She is very involved with promoting the need for occupational licensing to protect consumer health and safety and is currently employed by King Research as their National Director of Education and Business Development.

What is the difference between “sanitize”, “clean”, “disinfect”, “sterilize” and “hygiene”? They all get used together, and I am confused.

“Sanitize”, “clean” and “hygiene” all refer to the broad category that means you have done something mechanical to remove surface/visible debris. Examples of this would be wiping down a counter, holding something under running water, using soap and water on an item or using a cleaning solution.

Disinfecting is the killing of most microbial life that can lead to infection in humans—such as Influenza, Staphylococcus, HIV/AIDS, Herpes, Salmonella and Hepatitis. This step is done following cleaning and requires the use of a disinfectant such as BARBICIDE®, BARBICIDE® TB or BARBICIDE® Wipes.

Sterilization is the killing of all microbial life and requires an autoclave and is mainly used in healthcare.

Why use Barbicide®?

Barbicide® is a disinfectant used in hair salons, hospitals and other areas where germs and fungus can easily be transmitted. When used properly, Barbicide® is EPA registered to kill surface germs, fungi and viruses, including Hepatitis B, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the common cold and the human coronavirus.

Is Barbicide ONLY the liquid in the blue jar?

Barbicide® takes many forms including spray, wipes as well as that blue liquid you see in salons.

Where is Barbicide® manufactured?

Wisconsin and shipped throughout the US and 44 countries.

How often is the BARBICIDE® solution in the jar changed?

The solution is changed every day.

How will I know I am going to a salon that has been properly disinfected?

All Hair Cuttery Salons proudly adorn our salon windows with a Barbicide® Certification Seal and our salon professionals wear a lapel pin that can only be worn by those certified in the proper sanitation of salons, workspace and their tools

How will Barbicide® usage in a salon help me?

Barbicide® kills enveloped viruses on surfaces. An enveloped virus can include the common cold, HIV, and even human coronavirus.