I’m sipping on my last pumpkin spice-less coffee of the year and thinking about the season ahead – fall. Full disclosure, I’m basic and love everything about it. The crisp smell in the air, the colorful leaves against a dark sky, Friday night lights (and College GameDay followed by Sundays full of NFL action and Monday Night Football), and the ability to wear sweaters with stretchy pants while looking completely on-trend. The leaves change, the weather changes, and the world seems to start over. What better time to embrace a new hair color?! To all you lovelies out there who are thinking, “I don’t know…” let us help you whistle a different tune.

What’s the Name of the Game? Enhance

Fall has traditionally been the season for redheads. As a year-round redhead, I see this trend and I appreciate it. I also see this trend and offer you caution. Not every red looks good on every head. This rule goes with every color you could think to color your hair. Some people can’t own black hair, some people would look odd as a brunette, and some people (me) would look absolutely ridiculous as a blonde. What’s the point of that information? Use your hair color as a guide and enhance.

Rock the Drops of Jupiter

Change does not have to be as prominent as going from brown to pink. For this season, that’s what we’re seeing. We are seeing people using color to give new life to their standard color. Brunettes are putting some plum & burgundy in their hair to give it a different kind of “oomf.” Redheads are putting brown in for extra dimension. Blondes are keeping rose gold alive by popping some of that into their strands. Fall 2018 is not about a complete overhaul but rather color-boosting modifications.


Call On the Color of Café Au Lait

Coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a way of life. For fall, that includes your hair too! Pumpkin Spice, Chai Latte, Caramel Mocha – all delicious options to sip on. They are also all great hair options for the season. Pumpkin spice for reds, chai lattes for blondes, and caramel mocha for brunettes. The warmth and good vibes these drinks give you to start the day can give you the same boost when you look in the mirror.


Hey Blondes –

Come As You Are!

Platinum, Nirvana-like hair isn’t going away for fall. If you’ve thought about it but have been put off because conventionally people go dark as the weather cools, ignore that. Ignore the convention. This year if you want to rock the icy locks, do it. They will look stunning against the brown, spicy tones that seem to take over everyone’s wardrobe and decorations this season.


New Rules

2108 is rewriting the rules on seasonal hair. While hair gets warmer as the seasons get cooler, it’s not all about the redheads and the brunettes this year. Everyone gets to play and switch up their looks. Whether your hair is getting blinged up with jewel tones, being basic by taking inspiration from your morning brews, or trying to give off serious “Lithium” vibes, it’s all good! It’s all about embracing change that makes you feel the most you.


Looking to Change Your Tune?

We’re here for you! Visit any Bubbles location for a complimentary color consultation. Our stylists will give your color an upgrade you are sure to fall in love with! Tag your stunning selfies with #BubblesBesties for a chance to be featured on our social pages!

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“LADY MARMALADE” Originally by Patti LaBelle, covered by Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, and Pink

“COME AS YOU ARE” by Nirvana

“NEW RULES” by Dua Lipa