Bad Hair Day? No Way!

Everyone has had a bad hair day or two. It might not be awful but it’s not you. Isn’t that the worst? You don’t feel like you! Your hair has that effect and it’s crazy how much it makes a difference in your day-to-day. Is there a way to guarantee critically acclaimed hair every day?

Don’t we wish! No, unfortunately there is no way to guarantee a great hair day every day. There are 3 basic things you can do to help.

1. Know Your Hair Type


Simple and easy first step – know what your hair needs. Not all hair is the same so you have to cater to your own hair’s preferences. Using the wrong products can lead to results that make you want to put on a hat. Ask your stylist about your hair type and ask them to suggest different products to make your routine easier.

2. Dry Hair, Do Care

Whether you wake up late, miss an alarm, or just want an extra 5 minutes of sleep, no judgement from us. It happens. The result is a rushed morning that usually ends with wet hair when you leave the door. Doing that will usually leave you with frizzy & disheveled mane. Instead, wash your hair at night or make sure you blow dry before you head out. Pro Tip: If you blow dry, end it with a shot of cold hair. It will leave a smother finish.

3. You Are How You Sleep


Every single thing seems to be solved by better sleep, why would hair be any different? Sleeping on silk pillowcases can make a world of difference. Your hair doesn’t get pulled or roughed up as much and you wake up with a lot less frizz. Combine the silk pillowcase with your hair tied up in a silk scrunchie and you can get effortle

ss waves by morning.

Critically Acclaimed Hair Starts with a Cut

We could go on and on because really there is no one stop shop for hair issues. But really, none of these tips will help get critically acclaimed hair without the right cut and color. Visit one of our Bubbles salons to build a foundation of great hair every day. #BubblesBesties