Fathers Day montage of dads with kids who's hair they styled

Happy Fathers Day! This is what it looks like Bubbles’ #MVPops take on hair styling

Daddy Did My Hair

Father using shampoo to style daughters hair in mohawk. Happy Fathers Day

#MVPop John and 5 YO Eva nail a classic shampoo mohawk

In the ultra competitive world of daddy hairdressing, pop needs a playbook. Watch as the Bubbles Salons’ team of #MVPops tackle tangles and more with fast hands, smooth moves and plenty of Cibu.

#MVPop Ilya & 4 YO Jane: The Old Pro

With 3 kids under 5, #MVPop Ilya is a old pro at ponytails. Watch as he tackles his 4 year old daughter Jane’s curls with agility and unshakable focus.

#MVPop Tony and 5 YO Tennley: The Commentator

#MVPop Toni tackles Tennley’s curls with fast hands and smooth moves. Here’s the play by play.

#MVPop Matt and 5 YO AJ: The Pre Game Interviewer

5 year old AJ wants to look dapper like dad. #MVPop Matt uses a pre game interview and Cibu hero Sticky Rice Pomade to deliver his super cool signature style.

 #MVPop Rick and 6 YO Kylee: The Perfectionist

To achieve Kylee’s perfectly smooth ponytail, #MVPop Rick relies on patience, a Wet Brush and Cibu Knot So Knotty Detangler.

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Happy Fathers Day!