I Need a Miracle (Hair Product)

If you are like most women you may often find yourself wandering a stacked hair care aisle, wide eyed, wondering what any of the hundreds of hair products actually do. It’s so confusing! What is the difference between a blow dry cream and a smoothing balm or a volumizing spray and a mousse? More importantly, which one will be the secret to your next great hair day?

Great Hair Day | Image of platinum pixie cut

Pixie magic by Kristen at Bubbles Woodland Park

The Secret to Your Next Great Hair Day

Here’s the good news – you do not need dozens of mysterious, promise wielding hair products. You need a solid relationship with a good hair stylist, preferably one you find through a personal recommendation from someone who has great hair.

Once you find your stylist, she or he can craft a haircut appropriate for your lifestyle and teach you how to use the right products to achieve that look at home.

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The Lifestyle Equation

What do I mean by lifestyle? Well, how much time do you have? No seriously, how much time do you have to do your hair in the morning? How much time do you have to get your color retouched? Great hair is achieved by managing expectations. You are not Kim Kardashian. Do not go Fashion Week Platinum if you can only get to the salon once a season.

Great Hair Day | Image of shoulder length icy blonde hair style with bangs

Platinum and fringe by Matthew at Bubbles K. Street

The 5 Step Secret to Your Next Great Hair Day

  1. professional hair stylist for a great hair cut and to teach you how to use…
  2. Shampoo and Conditioner appropriate for your hair type
  3. Thermal Protector or Argan Oil to nourish, add shine and protect hair from heat
  4. Styling Product to smooth hairset curls or add volume while blow drying
  5. Finishing Product to hold lookenhance shine or add texture
Great Hair Day | Image of shoulder length brown wavy hair style

Chocolate lob by Alissa at Bubbles Arundel Mills

Have any questions? Ask! We can answer any question you have about hair.

Looking for an amazing new hair stylist? Come visit any of our Salon Professionals at Bubbles Hair Salons.

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Modern dapper by Candace at Bubbles Mass Ave.

What About Those Products, Tho…

Ah! If you want to learn about an awesome hair care line developed by a collective of over 10,000 hair stylists – check out www.cibuforhair.com.