Think outside the bottle! Formulated with ultra-hydrating natural emollients, Cibu conditioners can be easily repurposed for multiple beauty solutions.
This is an update to Cibu’s blog with more surprisingly useful ways to use your conditioners outside the shower.

1. Exfoliation Treatment

 1345 HC CibuConditionerHacks Blog1 300x300Squirt a quarter size serving of Cibu Conditioner into a pair of nubby exfoliation gloves and massage into wet skin. This is an awesome hydrating pre-treatment before shaving or sunless tanning.

2. Shaving Cream

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After exfoliating, massage a generous amount of Cibu REPAIR Conditioner into skin before shaving. Shaving with conditioner saves loads of money and I guarantee you’ll have the smoothest legs of your life..

 3. Shine Masque

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It’s super simple to transform your daily conditioner into a shine masque. Mix 2-3 drops of Argan Oil (Try Cibu Shine Squad Argan Oil Treatment) with a teaspoon of Cibu COLOR Conditioner. Comb through damp hair and let sit 7-10 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

4. DIY Curl Balm

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Mix a dime size serving of Cibu Conditioner with Spring Roll Curl Shaping Cream to hydrate hair and shape curls at the same time. Finish with a drop of Cibu Shine Squad Gloss for extra shine and frizz control.

5. Makeup Remover

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In a pinch, you can remove your makeup with conditioner – who knew? Use a small amount of conditioner on a washcloth, cotton ball or swab followed by a quick rinse and you’re all done.

6. Makeup Brush TLC

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A great makeup brush is key for flawless makeup application – so take good care of it! Keep bristles flexible by working a small amount of conditioner into your brushes after you clean them. Did you know you can extend the life of your brushes when you make this a routine ritual?

7. Cuticle Cream

Can’t get to the nail salon? No need to let those unruly cuticles take over – rub some conditioner over your cuticles to soften before pushing them back. Now you’re ready to polish those nails with a bold color!

8. Bathtime Moisturizer

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Baths are incredibly relaxing, why not get a skin treatment in while you’re at it? Rub a quarter-size amount of Cibu Conditioner in your hands under bathwater to help keep your skin smooth and silky to the touch.

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