Being the most commonly used beauty tool, you’d think you would have this brush situation under control.  With so many sizes, for different hair types, based on a desired outcome, it’s hard to keep track which is which.

Using the correct brush can either make or break your final look.  You can perfect your desired style  or cause breakage, just from brushing.  Here is your cheat sheet to brush like an expert. These are the top 4 brush types that should be under your bathroom sink:

wet brush

Detangling brush– Tangle free! Your hair will love you for this. Fresh out the shower, it is important to get those tangles out, without damaging the rest of your hair.  You can also use this in the shower to detangle right after you rinse with conditioner, giving less time for your knots to regroup. Where to buy this brush? Find a salon!



hairdryer paddle brush

Paddle brush– Get it straight! Your usual go-to right out the shower. This is the brush for straight locks.  With its “cushiony” layout, it is ideal for minimizing breakage from brushing. This will be your best companion while straightening your hair, by preventing your hands from having to keep a hold your hot locks!  Where to find this brush? Shop Cibu!


round brush

Round brush– Create Volume! One common misconception, do not round brush with soaking wet hair! Use the the detangling comb or paddle brush before you get started.  You want your hair to be at least 75% dry. Round brushes are for shaping your hair; you still need a solid foundation aka a pre dry!

**To get even more specific, the size of the brush and type of bristles depends of the thickness of your hair and what you are trying to achieve.  Natural bristle brushes are better for your hair, so if possible, always go natural. Where to find this brush? Shop Cibu or find a salon!



Fine tooth comb– Part ways! Fine tooth combs are ideal for perfecting parts, especially for sectioning.  This comb can also be used for teasing hair to create an up-do or just additional volume.  Where to find this brush? Shop Cibu!