Like most things in life — relationships, houses, makeup etc, you need a solid foundation.  Why would we think anything different for our hair?


Cibu by Malibu Crystal Gel clarifying treatment is great for two reasons.  First, your hair and scalp need to detox from the elements of summer.  The sun, pool, beach, sea salt products all take a toll on your hair.  Even after shampooing multiple times, there is still build up your shampoo just can’t get to.  Ever see little white flakes in your hair but it’s not dandruff?  That’s the buildup I’m taking about.

The first reason transitions right into the second.  Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to freshen up your color for a fierce fall.  You don’t want anything effecting how your color processes or the outcome.  This clarifying treatment will prep your hair for any chemical service.  It saves time on how long the chemical actually has to be in your hair and prevents chances for re-dos.

Add a Cibu by Malibu Crystal Gel clarifying treatment for only $10 to any service through October 1st! Here’s what to expect…

Your stylist will mix the treatment with warm water allowing it to form into a gel.  While that is processing they will shampoo and rinse.  The product will be massaged into the hair by sections ensuring complete saturation into your strands.  They will put you in a processing cap and sit you under the dryer for 10-45 min depending on your hair type.  I know it sounds like a lengthy process but it’s necessary.  Being under the heat opens up the hair cuticle allowing the product to get in there and work.

And… viola! You have a blank canvas both you and your stylist will love.

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